Forest Biosecurity

Committee Chairman: David Cormack, Wenita Forest Products

Objectives: To facilitate and implement initiatives on a wide range of issues relating to forest biosecurity including:

Responsible for the Forest Health Surveillence Programme, promotes policies to improve biosecurity, and identifies and provides funding for forest health issues. Liaises with the Dothistroma Control Committee.


Forest health surveillence, forest health/biosecurity, border control procedures, and overseas import requirements.

Work Programme Details

A new post-border approach for managing readiness and response to pests will see the opportunity for all primary industries to be more involved in the decision-making on what response to take but also being required to contribute to such responses. The industry through FOA and FFA have been involved in the GIA (Government Industry Agreement) developments for the last few years. In December 2013 a Deed that formalises arrangements was approved by Cabinet. The industry needs to continue to work on the business proposition prior to potentially signing up on those areas where it wishes to have a partnership with government.


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