Forest Resources & Environment

Committee Chair: Sally Strang, HNRG

Objective: To initiate, facilitate and implement policies on a wide range of issues relating to forest growing and the environment, including forest certification, climate change, water and RMA issues.

Work Programme Details

A broad range of activities under the environmental theme may require funding. These include input to policy, best practice guidance, issues analysis, legal advice, etc. The issues are wide-ranging and include but are not limited to: Resource Management Act implications, climate change policy and management, biodiversity, wilding and other pest control, environmental certification, soil and erosion, and water quantity and quality.

  • NES

    A key current activity is the development of a National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry.This is a joint venture between industry and the Ministry for Primary Industries. If approved, this strategy will put in place a minimum standard for environmental practices during all forestry operations.

  • Climate Change

    The Emissions Trading SCheme represents New Zealand's key response to meeting its international obligations on greenhouse gas emissions reductions. New Zealand relies heavily on forestry to meet those obligations and forestry is a fundamental part of the ETS. Climate change policy has undergone considerable change over a relatively short period of time and further change can be expected. The forest-growing sector will continue to be involved domestically and internationally to the extent needed to ensure forestry is recognised appropriately and equitably.



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