Training & Careers

Committee Chair: Lees Seymour

This Committee was established in 2017.


  • Consult on and develop a co-ordinated view on plantation forestry standards, qualifications and training needs and work with FISC, FICA and Competenz (the industry’s ITO) as well as funders and training providers to ensure standards and training solutions are delivering on those needs.
  • Promote forestry careers, both directly and by working with and through other agencies.


  • National Standards for forestry, tertiary forestry training framework, training delivery, recruitment into the industry.


  • Forest owners (FOA and FFA), contractors, Competenz, training providers with an interest in forestry

 The Training and Careers Portal is at www.forestrycareers.nz and contains resources for job seekers, trainees, training providers, and companies.

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