Promotions and Marketing

Committee Chair: Kerry Ellem

Objective: To facilitate and implement initiatives on a wide range of issues relating to forest marketing and support including:

  • FOA Facts and Figures publication

    This is the flagship brochure providing a "one-stop" shop of information on both processing and growing in the NZ forest industry. It provides key statistics on trends in planting, production, employment and markets as well as data on area, ownership, certification and a breakdown of the output from a log. It is very well utilised, on and offshore, and prepared in a partnership arrangement with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Past copies together with an order form are available online.

  • Wood Council of New Zealand

    The Wood Council of New Zealand is an "association of associations". It provides a forum for all parts of the value chain to come together to focus on pan-industry priorities and provides a single point of contact between the industry and ogvernment. Growers are represented by FOA and FFA as well as the Forest Industry Contractors Association. The Wood Council also undertakes a number of pan-industry activities such as the 2 yearly ForestWood conference and the NZ Wood campaign.

  • Industry promotion including NZ Wood

    NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme to promote New Zealand forests and wood resources. Originally a joint funded programme between government and industry NZ Wood is now solely funded by growers and processors through the Wood Council. Its objective is to deliver generic promotion of the benefits of both forests and their wood products. The standalone website provides supportive technical information for designers, architects and specifiers. The programme also covers the timber design awards; billboard, vehicle and building promotion, trade magazine advertising and trade show representation. Governance is through a board comprising representatives from the Wood Council and it is managed through FOA and the Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association. The programme is expected to be supplemented by other promotional activities for grower benefit.

  • Sponsorship

    Potential sponsorship of events that promote the interests of forest growers have been provided for in the work programme.

  • Publications

    Contribution to the cost of industry publications (Forestry Bulletin and TreeGrower)  is included in the work programme.This will include support for regular two-way communication and technical information including research outcomes and other FOA/FFA related committee programme achievements to levy payers with small forestry blocks. It is proposed that all of the material in the FOA Bulletin is accessible through the Levy website. This is because the non-levy funded articles will still be informative for levy payers and the audience of the Bulletin is deliberately intended to be much wider than only FOA members. This approach may not apply to the Tree Grower which is the flagship member-only publication for FFA. Levy funded articles would still be accessible but other information may be member-only.This will be coordinated and managed by via various communication tools including:

    • Website. Development and expansion to convey levy information to small forest block owners
    • Magazine/newsletters. Dedicated and regular coverage of levy funded activities and communication from the Trust Board and FOA/FFA
    • National database. Support for the establishment of a database to include contact details for a significantly expanded number of small forest owners including non-affiliated owners
    • Field days/workshops. Support for organised events to disseminate information developed through levy funded work programmes such as codes of best practice, research management techniques
  • Media releases and communications with levy payers

    In addition to general communication and correspondence with levy payers the Levy Board will need to make releases and communications in its own right.

It is important that both FOA and FFA communicate on a regular basis with all forest growers (i.e. levy payers and potential levy payers) over the levy-funded programme of work that is managed by the associations. An approach has been deavleoped for managing information through the Levy Trust website which has been shared with FFA and a number of the FOA/FFA committees. The website will be supplemented by additional communication channels, notably the two key publications – FOA Bulletin and the Tree Grower. It is expected that these will carry update stories on a number of levy funded activities, especially research. Those activities that have received levy funding will be acknowledged accordingly and the material will be available via the levy website although typically the repository of the material will not be the website. Research communication to levy papers and between the Forest Research Committee and the other FOA/FFA committees is particularly important. It is intended that historical FFR research (where there are no IP issues) will be available via a rebranded website under the control of the FOA Research Manager.

  • Membership to key national and international bodies

NZ China Council (NZCC) -membership of NZCC which is focussed on advancing trade with our key international market.

International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) –  A global consensus-based forest body that partners with the FAO and has observer status in ECOSOC. Produces annual sustainability report and position paper. The purpose of the ICFPA as an international forest industry association is to provide a forum for global dialogue and co-ordination, represent the global industry in international organisations, develop positions on issues of mutual interest and to co-ordinate and communicate on action by member associations. The ICFPA represents 60% of the world's wood production and 87% of the world's paper production.

Reports by the FOA CE on International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) and FAO Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest Industries (ACSFI) meetings are available on the FOA website.

Business New Zealand (BNZ) – national body representing New Zealand business with central and local government and hosting Affiliated Industry Group (AIG) meetings quarterly. Circulates submission papers on key policy issues to members


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