Forest Research

Committee Chairman: Phil Taylor (Blakely Pacific Ltd)

Vice Chairman: Grant Dodson, City Forests

Objectives: Identifies research programmes and projects of importance to the forest growing and harvesting sector, works with other groups to arrange research funding and dissemination of information, and provides forest growers' views on pan industry research.

Website: http://fgr.nz 


Significance of newly released research, harvesting and tree breeding research and research into alternative species.

Work Programme Details

Research covers all issues of importance to forest growers as prioritised by the Science and Innovation Strategy. It will inform, and be informed by, the work of all the respective FOA and FFA committees.

There are currently six main research programmes, and within these main programmes there may be one or more projects:

Forest Health Component Projects

Healthy Trees

Healthy Trees, Healthy Future (HTHF)

Needle Diseases Strategy


Urban Pest Control

Radiata Management

Growing Confidence in Foresty’s Future (GCFF

Aternative Species

Speciality Wood Products Partnership (SWP)

Harvesting and Logistics

Steep Land Harvesting

Extreme Rural Fire

Extreme Fire

Environmental and Social

Wilding Pine Control

 Science & Innovation Strategy - A comprehensive update of the existing S & I strategy to reflect the change to a levy and the outcome of recent funding bids was undertaken and finalised late 2015.

You can view the latest strategy here(.pdf  1.3MB)