Committee Chair:,Dave Hilliard (JNL)

Overview: To initiate, facilitate and implement transportation initiatives throughout the plantation forest industry. This currently includes work on:

Current Issues 

Funding at harvest for roads, transport policy issues and high-productivity motor vehicles..

Work Programme Details:

  • Log Truck Safety Council (http://www.logtruck.co.nz/)

Annual contribution to the pan-industry collaborative work between forest owners, operators, researchers, government and enforcement agencies. The LTSC commissions research and directly engages with the Transport committee. FOA and FFA are both signatories to an Accord with the LTSC and the Road Transport Forum.

  • Funding of Local Roads

A perpetual issue is the contribution by forest owners to road network costs, notably rural roads. Approaches by local authorities vary and planning processes and funding streams do not take in to account the long harvesting cycles of forestry. A budget provision is made for activity to facilitate solutions.

  • Electronic Road User Charges (e-RUCs)

Research into the effect of e-RUCs on forest industry transport costings. Provision for consultant, report and presentation

  • HPV

Heavy Permit Vehicles are trucks that are permitted to carry heavier loads than is customary. The positives of this approach are that there are fewer trucks on the road, while the negatives mean there is more damage to the roads. Councils have been hesitant to adopt an HPV system due to the increased road damage and a concern regarding the allocation of funding to cope with this damage. There has been ongoing work with councils to encourage the removal of barriers to an HPV system.