Forest Grower Levy Trust Board (FGLT) Elections 2023

Three positions on the FGLT Board are available.

Reason for Election

Under 4.4 of the Forest Growers Levy Trust Inc Rules, an election is to be held in November 2023 and one half of the elected board members are retiring.

One board member representing owners of fewer than 1000 hectares, and two board members representing owners of more than 1,000 hectares, are to be elctected.

Therefore, this Election is for:

  • two more than 1,000ha representatives, and
  • one fewer than 1,000ha representative.

The FGLT Board

The Board consists of four representatives of forests more than 1,000ha, and two representatives of forests smaller than 1,000ha, and an independent chair chosen by the Board.

Information on the current FGLT Board: https://fglt.org.nz/about-us/board




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