Applying for funding - the process

This page provides an overview of the funding process for FGLT activities, including the application form and guidance for evaluation. 

The FGLT Annual Work Programme is primarily created by way of a process focused on the mandates of the FOA/FFA Committees, with the Committees being expected to consult widely to ensure that their work is representative of the forest growing industry. Applications can be received via the relevant FOA/FFA Committee or by application from the wider forest industry or other stakeholders not represented on the FOA/FFA Committees.

All applications whether from a Committee or submitted from the wider forest industry will be subject to a robust, transparent, fair and unbiased assessment process.

Applying for funding directly

The form to complete is available for download here (it is a three page Word document).

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions when completing the form. Submission dates and email address are included on the form.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 31 August 2023. Applications received later than this date will be retained for consideration if and when funding is available following consideration of those received by the deadline.

Guidance for Committees

The application form for Committees is the same as the wider forestry sector. Committees can seek assistance from the FOA Secretariat to complete the form but will need to provide information to assist this process.


Who can apply for FGLT funding?

The funding of a project by the FGLT is open to anyone with a project which will directly benefit the plantation forest industry. Although this will most likely be a person or organisation connected to the forest growing industry in some way, people or organisations not involved in the industry but with a good idea are still welcome to apply.

How do I apply for funding?

Applications for inclusion into the Annual Work Programme are accepted until 31 August. An application pack is available from the website and guidance on completing the documentation is also available.

What happens if I miss the 31 August deadline?

Your project may not be considered for inclusion into the Annual Work Programme. If there is a surplus identified, applications for projects may be considered throughout the year.

What if my project is accepted?

Your project will be included in the Annual Work Programme and placed under the management of the relevant FOA/FFA Committee.

What involvement does the FOA and FFA have?

The FGLT have contracted the FOA and FFA to manage the yearly programme of work as Secretariat to the FGLT. The FOA and FFA have been provided a budget from the FGLT in order to do this. The FOA/FFA Committees are responsible for assessing the viability of projects and ranking them. 

I haven't heard anything for a long time – where is my application?

Because applications need to be assessed at Committee meetings and for final approval at the FGLT Board's last meeting of the year, December, the process can be quite long in duration. You should receive a letter or email prior to Christmas advising of the success or otherwise of your application.

For any other information, please see the Guidance Pack and FGLT Funding Policy.