The Commodities Levy (Harvested Wood Material) Order 2019 came into effect under the Commodity Levies Act 1990 on 23 September 2019.  The levy is applied to all harvested wood products. The FGLT invoices log and other forest product owners and is responsible for collecting debts and accounting for the funds. 

In order to ensure all forest products are fairly and accurately levied, domestic wood processors and marshalling companies act as data collection agents. They are asked (and legally required) to provide volume or weight and log ownership information to the FGLT on a monthly basis.  This data is published on this website for the information of all levy payers.

Under the Commodity Levy Order the forest owner is solely responsible for paying the levy. Where the forest owner no longer owns the log or other product when it reaches the data collection agent, the owner of the product may pass the levy cost back down the purchasing chain to the forest owner.

The 2019 Levy Order fully replaces the initial 2013 Levy Order.