Details and rules of the levy are available in the Commodity Levies Act(.pdf -398.24 KB) and the Harvested Wood Products Levy Order (.pdf 873 KB)

The levy will be applied to all harvested wood products. The FGLT will invoice log and other forest product owners and will be responsible for collecting debts and accounting for the funds.

In order to ensure all forest products are fairly and accurately levied, domestic wood processors and marshalling companies will act as data collection agents. They will be asked (and legally required) to provide volume or weight and log ownership information to the Trust. The Trust has discussed this with representatives of many of these agents and is writing to all those for whom it has addresses. Their co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Under the Commodity Levy Order the forest owner will be solely responsible for paying the levy. Where the forest owner no longer owns the log or other product when it reaches the data collection agent, the owner of the product may pass the levy cost back down the purchasing chain to the forest owner