What and how?

A separate company has been formed by an independent third party provider to manage the levy collection system on behalf of the FGLT. To make the task of supplying data as simple as possible, collection agents will be supplied with an automated data collation and transfer system. This will enable data to be transferred electronically, or via a faxed monthly return. Only this company will have access to the data, which will be stored securely. Information identifying the data collector or the levy payer may only be used for levy collection purposes.

Bree Shields, Administration

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Data - How, Why, When

The contact details of the owner of the levied products (logs, posts, poles etc) just before the product crosses the mill gate or just after the wharf gate, are supplied to Levy System Limited on a monthly basis by mills and marshalling agents.

Levy System Limited sends an invoice to those companies monthly. These companies are liable to pay the invoice if they are the forest owner, or if they are the product owner, or an agent for the product owner. If a product owner or an agent, but not the forest owner, they have a legal right to recover the levy component from the previous product owner. The ultimate levy payer is the forest owner.

Levy Rate - How, Why, When

The levy rate is 33 cents per tonne. Each year the Plantation Forestry Work Programme will be reviewed with apapropriate industry consultation and a budget for the next year approved. A Forestry Plantation Work Programme will be be created each year from which a budget and ultimately the levy rate will be calculated.

The levy struck for each year may be more or less than the previous year's levy, but it may not exceed the maximum levy amount of 33 cents per tonne.

The levy applies to logs, posts, poles, forest waste, binwood, hog fuel and woodchips produced in New Zealand sourced from a plantation forest.

The levy does not apply to bark sold separately, Christmas trees or domestic firewood.

Production from planted native forests will be levied. Production from natural native forests will not be levied.