Under the Incorporated Societies Act a society must have at least 15 members. Under these rules a corporate counts as three members. The founding members for the FGLT were:

  • David Balfour (on behalf of Timberlands Ltd)
  • Peter Clark (on behalf of Routunui Partnership)
  • Roger Dickie (on behalf of Roger Dicke NZ Ltd)
  • Grant Dodson (on behalf of City Forests Ltd)
  • Donald Hammond (on behalf of Hammond Resource Management Ltd)
  • Gillian Robertson (on behalf of the NZ Anglican Church Pension Board)
  • George Asher (on behalf of Lake Taupo Forest Trust)
  • Geoffrey Brann
  • Patrick Milne

Current members are:


  • Roger Dickie (on behalf of Roger Dickie Ltd)
  • Grant Dodson (on behalf of City Forests Ltd)
  • Phil Taylor (or behalf of Port Blakely Ltd)
  • George Asher (on behalf of Lake Taupo Forest Trust) since retired
  • Robert Green (on behalf of Timberlands Ltd)


  • Donald Hammond (Rotorua)
  • Geoffrey Brann (Te Puke)
  • Patrick Milne (Kaiapoi)
  • Peter Berg (Auckland)
  • Bruce Easton (Auckland)

Extract from the Rules

 The relevant extract from the rules of the Trust relating to members is as follows:

"8.             Membership

8.1       There must be a minimum of 15 Members at all times, although a Member who is a corporate body shall count as three Members for this purpose (but not for any other purpose)

8.2       Any Potential Levy Payer may become a Member on entering into an agreement with the Board to that effect, on such terms as the Board determines.

8.3       The Board shall exercise its discretion with respect to entering into agreements with potential Members under Rule 8.2 having regard to the objective of ensuring that the Trust’s membership is broadly representative of the plantation forest growing industry, to the extent the Board considers that doing so is reasonably practicable and efficient. The Board shall otherwise have absolute discretion as to whether or not to enter into an agreement with any Potential Levy Payer to become a Member, subject to Rule 8.1"